Time for the Giants to prepare for a future without Eli?

Being a Jets fan all my life, I have always had to look over at that team in blue and see they had a franchise QB, as my team constantly had and still has a revolving door at the most important position in football. Thankfully that franchise QB is showing signs of slowing down and in my eyes Eli Manning has 2-3 productive years of football left in him before he goes into the Hall of Fame for lucking into 2 Super Bowls.

With that being said, I think the time is now for the Giants to draft a young QB that isn’t named Ryan Nassib to replace Eli Manning in the future. Now while I don’t see Big Blue taking a quarterback in either the 1st round, I do have one guy in mind who may spike their interest in the later rounds.


The young arm that I’m thinking of is none other than Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes II. He’s got the size at 6’3 and 230 pounds that you want at this position as well as the arm to make every throw on the field. In the 12 games played in his Junior season, he completed 388 passes out of 591 attempted, giving him a 65.7 pct. He finished the year leading the entire nation in yards at 5,052 along with a career high 41 TDs.

Given these numbers are mostly against Big 12 opponents, a league that doesn’t believe in defense, some teams may not think very highly of Mahomes II. But if there is anyone out there who can develop a young QB and groom him to read NFL defenses and command an pro-style offense it’s Ben McAdoo and the Giants organization. Mahomes II is currently projected to be a 2nd-round pick so does he even reach the Giants? I don’t know, but if he ever slips to them after the 1st round they’d be foolish to not draft their potential next franchise quarterback.

Vincent Basselini

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