Tom Brady is a System Quarterback

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, maybe the greatest quarterback and coach duo the NFL has ever seen. Super Bowl 51 will be the seventh appearance together in the big game. They have won 4 Super Bowls together and are a week away from their attempt at number 5. People such as I tend to ask the question what would the Patriots be like without Brady or without Belichick. There have been a few instances where Tom Brady has missed time due to injury or suspension. In the first game of the 2008 season Tom Brady tore his ACL and missed the whole season. With back up quarterback Matt Cassel, the Patriots went 11-5 but would wind up missing the playoffs. This year Tom Brady was suspended for the first 4 games of the year because of that whole Deflategate nonsense. Even as a Colts fan I felt that went on for too long. The Patriots started the 2016 season by going 3-1 without Brady, being lead by backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and 3rd stringer Jacoby Brissett.

With that being said, Tom Brady has a chance this Sunday to do what no quarterback has ever done: win a fifth Super Bowl ring. Does that make him the best quarterback of all time? No. In my mind Tom Brady is a system quarterback with an amazing head coach. As you can see when Tom Brady doesn’t play the team is still pretty successful. If you gave Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, or Ben Roethlisberger a chance to play on the Patriots with Belichick I guarantee they would have more rings than Brady. I am a Colts fan and throughout all the pain and misery Brady has put my team through I will still give him credit as one of the top 5 quarterbacks of all time. But not the best. Even if he wins on Sunday. Brady is a great quarterback and I respect him, but he has lucked out in playing for maybe the greatest coach in NFL history.

– Ryan Gorman

Also, the AFC sucks. Especially the AFC East. I know he didn’t mention that but it’s true. Fuck the AFC. -Sci

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