Bass Big Game Gem

photos-medleyphoto-11333794Last night was a big night in GSN history as Sci, Gorman and I recorded the first episode of the Sci and Bass Sports Report podcast. In the Superbowl hidden gem segment I picked Mohamed Sanu as my hidden gem. This man has been a beast all playoffs scoring a TD in the last 2 games. He’s been a pivotal piece in this Falcons offense lining up as the #2 receiver along side Julio Jones. I think Bill Belichek is gonna have his hands full with game planning for this one. He better be selling his soul for this game if he wants to win his 5th SuperBowl because the Falcons have too many weapons. Do you double Julio or do you grant Butler his teenage wish of going one on one with him?

From what I know of big Bill and believe me being a Jets fan I know him better then most people. Usually in these types of games he doubles the #1 receiver then puts his best cornerback on the #2 guy which would be my guy Sanu. With saying all this you can’t forget about the speedster Taylor Gabriel who can take a top off a defense and leaving him one on one in the slot can be dangerous. I think he also gets double covered by a slot corner and a safety along with Julio getting a lot of attention. Which leaves Sanu one on one with the overrated Malcom Butler. The Falcons are gonna look to exploit that matchup all night which is why I think the man from Rutgers University Mohamed Sanu is gonna be a HUGE factor when the Falcons lift the Lombardi Trophy.


If you want to hear  Sci and Gorman’s hidden gems listen to the podcast on Twitter @snbsportsreport and click the link in the bio!!!

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