NBA Refs are Awful

Anyone who watches NBA games as often as myself is probably as fed up with the officials as I am. If you’re not fed up then wake up because this season NBA refs have been worse than I’ve seen in years. As a New York Knicks fan I look for any and every excuse for the many losses of each disappointing season, but this year has been pretty easy considering refs continually screw them over. The no-calls are gut wrenching to watch but watching the opposing team get calls for next to no contact makes it so much worse.

Just in Knicks games alone, the officials have blown about 5 games. In the other night’s 4OT thriller referees admitted they missed 14 calls down the stretch. Whether these calls were for the Knicks or not how can there be 14 missed calls and nothing happens to these officials. They are getting paid to go out and make calls according to basketball rules, not to miss them every night then admit the next day they screwed the game up. Against the Bucks earlier in the month, Giannis Antetokounmpo hit a game winning buzzer beater to win the game. The next day officials admitted that there should have been a 5 second back to the basket call which would’ve negated the basket and given the Knicks the ball back. Last week against the Washington Wizards an assistant coach was on the court next to Courtney Lee on the final possession. Last time I checked that is not allowed, but of course the official standing right next to him decided to stand there and get paid for nothing and then say the next day he screwed up.

As a Knicks fan I can go on forever about how the officials screw them, but it happens everywhere. Bulls vs Kings, Dwyane Wade gets a steal breakaway dunk to win the game and misses. The refs then proceed to call a foul against Demarcus Cousins and the Kings lose. Remember on Christmas day when Durant fell and everyone loved it because we hate Golden State? Unfortunately he was definitely fouled. Officials in the final two minutes of games are absolutely awful and have been all season long and its getting ridiculous.

Throughout the first 46 minutes of NBA games the refs still are nowhere near perfect. They call everything for “star” players, but not common guys. James Harden can interlock his arms into another players and get the foul call, but if any other lefty tries the move its a no-call or an offensive foul. Derrick Rose has lost his reputation as a star, so now when he drives to the basket and gets smacked in the head officials decide to not see it. Certain NBA players get favorited for being star players and get more foul calls, but honestly thats ridiculous. NBA officials need to officiate more fairly and more efficiently because as of now the NBA is wasting money on these guys getting paid to not do their job.


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