Who will win the Jimmy Garoppolo SweepStakes?

john-fox-hue-jacksonEvery day I have to have the Patriots thrown in my face. Whether it be Tom Brady crying during media day or Gronkowski loving the number 69. Once again there’s more news following the  Patriots as every team without a QB is looking for the young Patriots signal caller Jimmy Garoppolo to join their team and be the franchise guy. The 2 teams that have publicly came out and said they want him are The Browns (of course) and The Bears. Will the Jets throw their hat into the ring? Probably not and if they did would Belichick send the next best looking QB to his division rival? The answer to that question is NO! But I digress, The asking price will be high for the young arm with the Pats looking for multiple 1st round picks in return.

img_1626Personally I don’t think the Browns should give the house for this guy, Yes he has won games in the league but that was under a Belichick coached team which has a plug and play system that any young QB would thrive in. I don’t think The Browns have a team that’s built to help develop Jimmy G. They should hold onto the picks and keep building their team up with talent and around veteran QB’s or try and find their franchise guy in the draft, we all know how that’s gonna end though. Now The Bears are a different story they are saying they want to move on from Jay Cutler as they should. They have a team with a proven receiving core and a decent running back in Jordan Howard. Adding a piece like Garoppolo and fixing their offensive line would help them out a ton. I think having players like Alshon and Jordan would help Jimmy grow into their franchise guy. The only question is what team is gonna take the chance and sell the future on a QB that played in 2 games? Were all  just gonna have to wait and see.


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