Watson to The Jets at 6? He wouldn’t mind. 

Everywhere I looked the past 24 hours there has been post after post of Jets writers talking about National Champion QB Deshaun Watson. I’ve decided to jump on the train and get my opinion out there. Watson on Thursday went on ESPN Radio and said he wouldn’t mind coming to New York to play for the Jets if they drafted him. Once every Jets Fan heard that they lost their shit with excitement. In fairness I even got excited when I saw the quote, I started day dreaming of Watson in the green and white slinging TD’s to Enunwa and Decker I’m giddy just writing about it. Then I saw something that halted me in my tracks and brought me down to earth. Charlie Casserly tweeted “After talking to NFL teams and watching his tape I don’t think Deshaun Watson is anywhere near a top pick in the draft”

Seeing this tweet and knowing what Charley Casserly’s opinion means to GM Maccagnan it really shit on my parade. Now I think the possibility of the Jets pulling the trigger on Watson is slim to none. With Casserly being a consultant to the Jets I can’t see the former GM of the Year to go against what Casserly suggests. I’m also not completely sold on Watson and I’m not even sold on any of these young QB’s being a franchise guy. With that being said if the Jets take Deshaun Watson at 6….I wouldn’t mind. -Bass

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