Manziel Mania Part 2


Johnny Football has announced that he wants to make a comeback to the NFL and I could not be happier. I am a big Manziel fan. Watching all the insane plays he made in college for Texas A&M never get old. Johnny likes to have fun and that’s what ultimately got him to the position he is at today and that’s not having a job. He’s been seen on social media partying and hanging with celebrities and models during his hiatus from the NFL. Recently he was spotted at the AFC championship game wearing a Tom Brady jersey and rooting hard for Brady and company. But after all this Manziel says he wants to play next year in the NFL. He is still very young and has the talent to be a quarterback in the NFL.

Manziel got drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2014. Cleveland is also the team where careers never get started. I believe Cleveland made a mistake by not letting him start from day 1. They sat him behind quarterbacks like Josh McCown because they thought he was a good enough quarterback to get them wins. Now Manziel didn’t do very good in Cleveland but I believe a whole season as a rookie would have helped him out more than sitting on the bench for most of it. I think rookie quarterbacks should be thrown right into the fire to prepare them for the NFL. Look at people like Carson Wentz, Derek Carr, Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck. They all started the first game of the season in their rookie years. Cleveland knew they were going to be trash, why waste money on the veteran quarterback when they could’ve let the young one start.

So back to the Manziel comeback season. I think he deserves a second chance and that chance may actually come true. Manziel has been invited with other former NFL players the first ever NFL Spring League starting this upcoming spring. With help and lots of practice Manziel can get back on his feet and give the whole NFL thing another chance. Johnny Manziel will be a starting quarterback in the NFL again one day because there are many teams out there without a qb and can use his help.

-Ryan Gorman

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