My Stance on the NBA and Why I think it SUCKS!!!!

With football coming to a dramatic end we are now left with the NBA ,the NHL and college basketball. The NHL isn’t that mainstream and I can get behind putting guys on skates and letting them fly around killing each other for three periods. I can’t get into it as much as I would like cause my team the Winnipeg Jets play at weird times…..Yea I know another Jets team that sucks tell me about it. College Basketball is probably the most exciting out of the three options with all the upsets on any given night and with March Madness right around the corner it’s easy to start to get into the game. Now that leaves me with the NBA, oooooohhhhhhh the dreaded NBA where the regular season means little to anyone and only gets exciting around conference final time.

I’m on the record saying Fuck the NBA and how much I don’t like it. There is one thing the NBA does right, The NBA promotes stars and I can see why it’s gained so much popularity over the years cause unlike the NFL it allows players to be outspoken more and build their own brand. That’s probably the only thing I like about it though. Between the slow paced play and players maybe not giving 100% every time they step on the court I think the game is boring. Also there isnt any parity in the league today it’s basically let’s play 82 games to get the inevitable Cavs vs Warriors finals.

Yes some teams may get hot and the question will be asked if they are contenders or pretenders. In my eyes If your not Lebron James or the Warriors your a pretender and your playing just to say you made the playoffs so people buy your merch and tickets. Maybe I’m so pessimistic about the league because I really don’t have rooting interest in a team. Me being from the New York/ New Jersey area I would say the Knicks are my team but I’m not happy about saying it.

The Knicks are a dumpster fire of an organization right now with the whole Melo and Phil Jackson soap opera. It’s hard to hop on board a team that signs a washed up D Rose, a Center who can’t do anything in Noah and has Melo for another 2 years cause Phil’s a moron who gave him a no trade clause. The only optimism is Porzingis and he’s regressed a bit this year but he’s still the future. I would say the NBA needs to stop letting these Super teams from happening but people eat that shit up. It writes the narrative of an evil empire and who’s gonna be able to take it down from my understanding no one is. Not even Lebron by himself could beat the Warriors right now. So NBA can we just fast forward to the Warriors trophy ceremony because the rest of the league sucks!


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