James Dolan is becoming the Roger Goodell of the NBA

I think I speak for all Knicks fans when I say FUCK YOU James Dolan. What an evil, sick fuck you must be to ban one of the most passionate players that the Garden has ever seen from attending anymore Knicks games. As if it’s some sort of special privilege to be able to pay rape price for tickets just to watch Carmelo hold the ball for 23 seconds and throw up a spinning fadeaway jumper while being triple-teamed. Bottomline here is that James Dolan should appreciate the fact that anyone in their right mind wants to go to the Garden and see this dismal team struggle to compete against lottery teams.

It’s not like this is some drunk idiot in the crowd starting fights with innocent people. This is Charles fucking Oakley we’re talking about. An absolute Knick legend treated totally unfairly by the franchise that hasn’t been relevant since Oakley himself played for them in the 90s. And not only did Dolan instill an extremely bogus ban, but also followed it up by accusing Oakley of being an alcoholic:

“He may have a problem with alcohol,” Dolan said. “We don’t know.” (via ESPN)

Way to make yourself look like an even bigger jackass. If Oakley did happen to be bombed at the time and was just starting trouble for no good reason, then so be it. Dolan has every right to ban him if that was the case. But make sure to get your facts straight before you accuse someone of having an addiction. Not cool at all. Nor is it professional or respectful to act like that towards one of your former employees, let alone one of your better former employees.

No one knows what really went on during Wednesday night’s skirmish. Clearly someone said the wrong thing to Charles Oakley and triggered him. Or maybe he was just representing the built up frustration that every Knick fan feels right now towards Dolan and Phil Jackson. Either way, this is just another addition to the circus known as the New York Knicks. Between Dolan’s reaction to the Oakley situation and Phil’s issues with Melo, the front office is really starting to make the Knicks look like a nightmare destination for future free agents.

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