Leave Them Alone


Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr, two of the top receivers in the league, have been getting a lot of criticism lately that I’m not sure is really deserved. OBJ and Brown both made the playoffs this year and both had outstanding seasons for their respective teams. The Giants got blown out in Green Bay by the Packers in the Wildcard round and Steelers made it to the AFC championship game but also got their asses kicked by the Patriots. Both teams lost just a week after these two superstars did some questionable things.


Odell posted the picture seen above a week before the first playoff game of his career. After the Giants regular season was finished, Odell and the other receivers jumped on a plane to Miami to enjoy their off day. He took a lot of heat after this photo was posted and everyone got to see it. We all know what happened after that: Giants go to Green Bay, receivers warm up without shirts on in the bitter cold, and Giants get destroyed. After the game people were blaming the lose on Odell and kept bringing up the boat party. Odell did not have a very good game and had a few key drops but he is not the reason they lost that game. Beckham is still very young and has to mature a little bit but he got way too much shit for the the Miami trip. It was their off day and the players are allowed to do what they want to do on their off day. Beckham chose to go to Miami. He didn’t get in trouble and he did nothing wrong and was back to practice when it started up again. If it was me I probably wouldn’t have went but Odell is Odell and he’s just trying to make the most of his life and wants to have fun. He doesn’t ever get in trouble, people just make everything he does bigger than it really is because he’s a superstar who plays in New York. So all I have to say is fuck the the New York media and let the man be himself and stop criticizing everything he does and appreciate how good he is.


Next up is Antonio Brown, the extremely talented receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s been criticized for filming a Facebook live video during his coach Mike Tomlin’s post game speech after their win in the playoffs against the Kansas City Chiefs. A week after the video went viral, Brown and the Steelers were destroyed by the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Brown’s trust was up in the air for a lot of people after this one. He broke the code of the locker room and filmed things that should not have been recorded. Shortly after the video appeared, Brown apologized to the organization and his coach. And then the blame game started up again. People said Brown didn’t have a good game and that’s why his team lost. Or maybe it’s because their superstar runningback got hurt, there defense couldn’t stop a lacrosse player, and Big Ben didn’t play well at all. But no, it’s Brown’s fault because he posted a video. Fuck anyone blaming him and fuck whoever came up with the idea that he should be traded because that will be the biggest mistake this team will ever make. They say they can get rid of him because they always find good receivers and can easily replace him. The problem is that Brown is the best one they’ve had since Hines Ward and they never thought to get rid of him. I think people are overlooking all of the great things Brown has done because he made one mistake. Antonio Brown is a great player, and like I said with Odell, leave the fucking man alone.

-Ryan Gorman

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