Where Will Romo End Up?

As I try to get away from football and focus on basketball, it seems like something always reels me back in. Even this stupid headline gets me thinking because, in all honesty, who really cares?! Whatever team Romo ends up on is gonna be disappointed when he gets sacked and then injured for the rest of the season. Besides that point, people love the speculation of where he’ll be and I’ll do my best to break it down.

We start as we should, with the New York Jets. I swear to God if this team picks up Fitzpatrick 2.0 I’m gonna hang myself. If the Jets were to make this move, it’s a win now move and the Jets aren’t a win now team so it would infuriate me to no end. Would I take it over Mike Glennon? Yeah, probably, but it wouldn’t make any sense given the current state of the Jets.

Another team that will be looking for a QB is the Browns. Cleveland is always looking to purchase a QB but they should definitely fade Romo. Similar to the Jets, they aren’t just one piece away from being a playoff or championship team. My advice to the Browns: save the money and start building a team from scratch.

Lastly, the team that everyone probably has Romo penciled in for: the Denver Broncos. Denver is also my personal pick as I think Romo should want to play there. If they can win a Super Bowl with a half dead Peyton Manning, they sure can contend for a championship with Romo. They have the receivers and O-line to run a high-powered offense. Also, who can forget about that defense they have?!! That is a championship defense. Like I said, if I’m Romo I’m telling Jerry Jones send me to the mountains as soon as possible.


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