Thank God the Champions league is back!

PSG v Barcelona

Sci and Gorman aren’t big soccer fans and they  might not agree with me writing this article but THANK GOD THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE IS BACK!!!! In America we have hit a bit of a lull in the sports world with the NBA All-Star game coming up this weekend and Spring Training about to start, there isn’t much to watch. With soccer being the most popular sport in the world and dubbed “The Beautiful Game” for a reason, it has gained a pretty strong following in America so the Champions League is a big deal for American soccer fans. Now I’m a Manchester United fan so I don’t have a dog in the fight until Thursday’s Europa League matchup. This doesn’t stop my excitement to finally watch sports that matters in the world with PSG playing Barcelona headlining the Tuesday slate of games. Barcelona led by MSN (Messi,Suarez,Neymar) may have their hands full with a Zlatan-less PSG, now led by the most overrated striker in the world that is Cavani. PSG’s Matuidi will play a huge role for them in the midfield trying to dictate the flow of the game. I think either team could win this game but I’ll give Barcelona the edge cause they have the attacking power to beat anyone. Even the Borussia Dortmond vs Benfica game on Tuesday should be exciting to watch. In my mind Dortmond should win this game but who knows with European football, as anything can happen. Also a player to watch in that game is USA Wonder Boy Christian Pulisic, he could be playing as he has opened up eyes all over Germany this past year.

ay105837133munich-germany.jpgThen on Wednesday we have Bayern Munich vs Arsenal and Real Madrid vs Napoli. Bayern Munich should handle Arsenal pretty easily and get out to a nice lead on the aggregate score line to go into the 2nd leg. Real Madrid vs Napoli should be in Real Madrid’s favor with Los Blanco’s having the overall better team they should win this game easily. All the games this week have the potential to be thrilling games and should set the bar high for the rest of the 1st leg of the round of 16 games. I can’t wait to sit my ass on the couch and just watch the drama of Champions League football (yes I said FOOTBALL!!) unfold in front of my eyes.


UPDATE: While I was writing this Angel Di Maria scored a stunning free kick to make it 1-nil PSG.

UPDATE: PSG up 4-nil on Barcelona. The Catalans are gonna need a miracle in the second leg. Also Dortmund down 1-nil to Benefica. No sign of Pulisic.

SCI UPDATE: I actually don’t hate soccer, Gorman does. Also sick prediction, Vin.

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