Johnny Football has a fire SoundCloud

Yes, this a real story. With all the fake news going around these days, the people need some cold hard facts in their life. Johnny Manziel has been making headlines recently, with rumors of a comeback floating around. Manziel has began making strides towards this comeback, being seen working out on the football field over the last few weeks on his Snapchat. Btw, his snapchat username is jmanziel2 and it is absolutely worth the add if you want to see what it’s like to live a day in Johnny Football’s shoes.

Anyways, Manziel is always listening to music during his snapchats and I must say, the guy has good taste. Not a huge surprise when you consider that he is one of the coolest humans to ever live. Manziel decided to drop his SoundCloud username on one of his snap stories and I was kind of surprised with how similar our playlists are. As if he didn’t already have a good enough case, seeing his Soundcloud officially makes Johnny Manziel the biggest bro in sports history, surpassing former champion Jim McMahon.

You can find Manziel on SoundCloud at JFutbol2 and listen to the official ComebackSZN playlist here:

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