Champions League Review with Bass

Tuesday and Wednesday was the return of Champions League football. Was it exciting and thrilling? Some games were, some games were maybe more surprising then others but overall it was a fun 2 days nonetheless. I wanna go in and break down each game and what to expect in the 2nd leg. We’re gonna start with Borussia Dortmund taking on Benefica. Now if you read my other Champions League article I said that I felt Dourtmund would win and I was wrong. The lone goal for Benefica was scored by Kostas Mitroglou was enough to edge out the 1-nil win against the German side that will be looking for blood in the home 2nd leg. Dortmund though had their fair share of chances with 14 shots, 5 of which were on goal. Maybe their best opportunity was a penalty that was missed by Aubameyang to bring the game level and score that important away goal. The next fixture between these teams will be played in Germany and if Dortmund can get at least 1 goal and keep Benefica from scoring that away goal then I can see them advancing.

Now onto the most surprising game of the 2 days. We had PSG absolutely DESTROY Barcelona 4-nil. It all started when Manchester United reject Angel Di Maria hit a magnificent free kick to make it 1-0. Then PSG continued to put their foot on the Catalans throats with a high pressing focus and Barca had no answers for them. It led to 3 more goals for PSG with Di Maria getting another, The new boy Julian Draxler getting 1 and in my opinion the most overrated striker in the world Edison Cavani even got on the score sheet. PSG set themselves up nicely to advance but a game at Camp Nou is no easy task even up 4-0. With Barca playing desperate football it will be exciting to watch.1 away goal though from PSG can put the nail even deeper into the coffin that Barca is in.

Then the clock hit 2:45 ET on Wednesday and that meant another round of games to watch. We’re gonna start with Real Madrid beating Napoli 3-1. At the start of the game Napoli was putting pressure on Madrid and it looked like we could have an upset on our hands when Napoli’s Lorenzo Insignie caught Madrid’s keeper Navas sleeping scoring from 40 yd’s out to put the Italian side up 1-0. But then 10 minutes later Karim Benzema leveled the score line at 1-1, the score stayed that way up until the 49th minute in the second half when Toni Kronos scored Los Blancos 2nd goal of the night. Then the 24 year old Brazilian Casemiro put the game to rest making it 3-1 with his goal. Now Napoli got that important away goal and only down 2 going home to Italy where it’s tough to play for any team. Real Madrid may have a nice score line to advance on but Napoli is still in that game and we’ve seen crazier things happen in Champion League matches.

Lastly we had the absolute drubbing of Arsenal as they went to the Allianz Arena in Munich,Germany to take on the giant that is Bayern Munich. Bayern got off to a fast start with the old man Arjen Robben getting onto the scoresheet making it 1-0. Then in the 30th minute the only Arsenal player that is good enough to even be on the same pitch as Bayern Alexis Sanchez scores a crucial away goal to tie it up at 1-1 to go into halftime. Arsenal had all to play for and was holding their own. Then at the 50th min Lewandowski scored to break the deadlock and the rout was on from there. Alcantara scored twice and Mullers lone goal was enough for Bayern to beat Arsenal 5-1. Now this 2nd leg will still be exciting going to North London to play in front what will be a crazy crowd but I don’t think they can comeback from this deficit.

I hope you enjoyed this review I’ll be doing one for every set of games BASS OUT.


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