Hey Dolan Can you hear Draymond?!?!

draymond-green-032715-ftr-gettyjpg_1w9k0hk877cxt1qabs6kgprsabWith everything happening with The Knicks and this Knicks Fan Revolution against owner James Dolan. Warriors Draymond Green wasn’t quiet when talking about The Knicks on his podcast and spoke his mind freely. The quote I want to look at is Draymond saying “I don’t know a free agent that would want to go there.” when talking about the Knicks. Now Knicks fan will look at this and start listing off the reason why a free agent should sign in New York. They’ll say New York is the Mecca of Basketball or MSG is the best place to play in the world. My favorite one is if you can win a championship in New York you become immortal in the fans eyes. Now all this may be true but I have to agree with Draymond here. The Knicks like I’ve said before are a dumpster fire right now and have been for almost a decade. They’ve had some good seasons but it hasn’t been what Knicks fans have been looking for. With all this said and the current Knicks situation what big name free agent would really wanna come here, when your owner doesn’t really care about the team, it’s fans and the franchise legends. The recent example of this was Dolan having Charles Oakley basically arrested in front of a for some reason sold out stadium. Any free agent can look at this and think do I really wanna play for an owner like this.

phil-jacksonNow onto Phil Jackson the man Dolan hired to ATTRACT BIG NAME FREE AGENTS!!!!! He’s done the exact opposite of that! Phil has put mediocre talent out onto the court night in and night out. Phil’s signings haven’t been extravagant he got Noah with 2 bad knees on the wrong side of 30 and Derrick Rose to in his fairness is having his best season since his injuries. Mix in Robin Lopez for a year and some role players here and there, Phil hasn’t built that winning foundation he was brought in here to build. Any free agent looking at this whole Phil and Carmelo saga will wanna fade New York if they think they will be treated this way. Phil also sounds like a crazy old man screaming at the ocean basically forcing the team to play that dumb triangle that doesn’t work in this day and age. Phil if anything may have scared off any potential big name free agent. Looking at everything being said if I was a free agent like (let’s make a name up) Russell Westbrook who has the option of testing the market after this season. Would he really take any Knicks offer seriously probably not and that’s the problem. No big name free agent will look at this team as a serious option because of James Dolan and Phil Jackson. So as a wise small forward from Golden State once said “I don’t know a free agent who would want to go there.”


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