Tampa Bay Rays infielder Nick Franklin drives an Uber during the offseason

While scrolling through Twitter this afternoon, I came across this tweet:

I had to read it back to myself quite a few times in order to process the information that I just took in. After doing some research to confirm this phenomenon, I found out that it was 100% true. A professional baseball player, currently signed and on a roster, drives an Uber during the offseason. Nick Franklin, you are one strange human. This guy makes $350,000 per year playing baseball and still chooses to drive an Uber when he has time away from his real job. You’ve gotta be kidding me with this one. I’m currently unemployed and barely have any money to my name and I still REFUSE to ever drive an Uber. I understand making $350k is pretty shitty for a professional baseball player, but it’s still a lot more than the common working man’s annual salary.

This is basically the same thing as a professional athlete choosing to work at McDonald’s because he was bored. How can you even be bored when you’re a professional athlete anyway? With all the hard work required to stay in shape and keep a roster spot, there’s gotta be something else to do other than driving around strangers for fun when you finally have some time off. Does Nick Franklin have a secret Antonio Cromartie family full of kids that he can’t afford to feed?

“I wanted to do something on the weekends because I never really do anything,” Franklin said.

“I told them I’m just doing it for fun,” he added. “I ended up meeting some pretty cool people along the way.”

I guess Nick Franklin truly has no life and sees driving Uber as a way to learn about life. When I think about it from that aspect, then it’s kind of cool what he’s doing. Then I remember how much money he makes and it makes me angry. He also mentioned that no one ever recognized him while on the job. Sorry to break it to you Nick Franklin, but I don’t even think the Rays’ biggest fan could point you out in a lineup next to three other average-looking white men.


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