Bass Morning Thoughts

Good Morning, As I scroll through twitter at 9:30am before work I see a headline that puts me off. I see the Jets offered free agent CB K’waun Williams a contract. Here’s what worries me about this….. he said NO!!! And he ends up fucking off to San Fran to another trash organization. Now your probably asking yourself Bass why does this even matter? Who the fuck is this guy anyway? Now let me answer those questions.

Williams is a slot corner from Cleveland the worst team in the league. He played in 26 games with 0 interceptions and 10 passes defended 3 forced fumbles and 2 fumble recoveries. Now is this guy a franchise changing player? No! But he offers a team depth to a CB needy team like the Jets. Williams is also from Patterson,NJ so you would think he would like to play in his home state I was so wrong about that.

This is what worries me about this move going into free agency. If this guy ,some slot corner, doesn’t want to sign with the Jets and rather go to the 49ers basically the Jets of the west we are in big trouble. IF WE CAN’T BEAT THE NINERS IN A FUCKING BIDDING WAR FOR A 3RD STRING CB HOW ARE WE EVEN GONNA COMPETE IN FREE AGENCY THIS YEAR!!!!! This offer shows me that if the Jets offer a contract to a player but he can go elsewhere he’s choosing to get as far as he can from the Jets. That’s not good for business considering the jets need to rebuild. Is this all an overreaction? Yea,probably but it’s something to keep an eye out for this free agency.


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