You Hate To See It: Jets Great Nick Mangold cut by team

Yesterday was a sad day in Jets land with the official release of long time center and NY Jet great Nick Mangold. Since 1998 the Jets best position was arguably the center position with Kevin Mawae being with the Jets from 1998 to 2005 another great center in Jets history and then in 2006 we drafted Nick Mangold. Mangold was a leader in that locker room and the brains of the offense able to call out protections for young QB’s. He was a rock in the middle of that O line and was mister reliable rarely missing a game but last year was injured for most of the season. This man loved New York and embraced the fans and the culture of New York whether it be with honoring the NYPD and the FDNY on 9/11 or giving back to the community in some way. I wish the Jets Brass was able to negotiate a restructered deal with Nick but I guess that wasn’t the case. Nick would’ve been a nice veteran to have in the locker room during this rebuilding process but at the end of the day this is a business and the right move was made by cutting him. The Mangold cut freed up 9 million in cap space giving the Jets about 18 million to spend. There are a lot more cuts coming for this team as they look to get younger and rebuild. Expect Brandon Marshall,Revis,David Harris and Marcus Gilchrist all to be cut to free up around 28 million and leave the Jets with 45 million to go into free agency. It’s sad to see a Jets great not being able to leave on his own time and one day that number 74 jersey will be retired and hung up in the ring of honor where it belongs because that’s how much he meant to this team, this organization and this city.

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