How Far He’ll Go…. Possible Landing Spots for Alshon Jeffery

Last night watching the Oscars the star of Disney’s film ‘Moana’ sang a song called ‘How Far I’ll Go’. Then in a perfect turn of events today the NFL world was told that the Chicago Bears won’t be applying the franchise tag to Alshon Jeffery which means he could be hitting free agency. Many teams will be looking for his services as he’s the top WR target in the market this year. I have 5 possible destinations and How far I think Alshon will go in 2017.

9716832-dak-prescott-ezekiel-elliott-dez-bryant-nfl-dallas-cowboys-minnesota-vikings.jpg5. The Dallas Cowboys- Now the Cowboys already have one big time WR in Dez Bryant so why go get another? They have no other capable number two receiver to play along side him and if you have Jeffery and Dez lining up on the outside that will give defensive coordinators headaches in game planning against the Cowboys. Like it wasn’t hard enough already trying to stop Zeke. Also getting another high powered weapon for Dak isn’t a bad investment either.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers

4. The Carolina Panthers- After a terrible season a year removed from their outstanding SuperBowl run the Panthers will probably looking to upgrade their rushing attack but they can do that in the draft. The Panthers like the Cowboys need another WR, you cant be having Ted Ginn JR. lining up with Kelvin on the outside. Having two big bodies like Kelvin and Alshon lining up on the outside will be tough to stop.  If the Panthers make this move along with acquiring lets say Dalvin Cook in the draft this offense will be deadly and Cam Newton will be the happiest guy in Carolina.


3.The Arizona Cardinals- With Palmer and future HOF Larry Fitzgerald back, the Cardinals should be looking to make one last push at NFL glory before those two retire. Getting a player like Alshon will do them wonders on offense taking a lot of the pressure off Larry. Speedster John Brown kind of fell off last season and with Michael Floyd in the worst place on earth New England this move would make sense for the Cardinals.


2.The San Fran 49er’s- Under a whole new regime of John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan they will be looking to make a splash and give the fans hope. The 49er’s should be taking a QB at number 2 in the draft given they don’t trade that pick away. You will need to give your young signal caller weapons, what better weapon then one of the best WR ‘s in the league Alshon Jeffery. He can help develop a rookie QB and give him a safety blanket in game by throwing it up to Jeffery and nine times out of ten he’s coming down with the ball.


1.The LA Rams- Drafting Jared Goff last year wasn’t enough to help the Rams but looking at the WR’s, they had Kenny Britt as the number one guy. You aren’t gonna win many games with a middle of a road QB like Case Keenum  or a with a rookie QB if your best guy is Kenny Britt either though he stepped up big last year. Tavon isn’t a number one guy he’s better using that speed in the slot. If the Rams owner wants to dodge heat for hiring the youngest Head Coach in the league the Rams are gonna have to win. Acquiring Alshon will help the development of Goff and also help Tavon and Kenny because Jeffery requires a lot of attention from the defense when he’s on the field.


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