Adrian Peterson to the Big Apple? or Does He Bring His Talents Elsewhere?

By the time this post is written, the whole world will know that future HoF and now ex-Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is an unrestricted free agent. The 31-year-old beast will lose the opportunity to be the highest paid running back by testing the market but he does have a chance to go to a team that is ready to win a championship, which might be the only thing missing from his potential Hall of Fame career. I expect the New York Giants to be big suitors in this and I think Jerry Reese would be stupid to not entertain the idea of adding one of the best running backs of all time to their roster. It might cost them some money but the offense needs a guy like Peterson to take the pressure off Eli and Odell. Establishing the run was the Giants’ weakness in 2016 and purchasing Adrian makes the Giants instant contenders in my eyes.

Another couple of teams that could use a running back who also have the potential of winning a title next year are the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos. We all know that Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaaaad man from Stephen A yelling at us on First Take but that Packers rushing attack is just straight up bad. They have all the pieces to win a Super Bowl next year and getting Peterson would be a big step in that. The Denver Broncos are also a team to look out for assuming they get Tony Romo for a decent price and have enough space to offer Peterson a contract. I can just see Elway day dreaming of Romo and Peterson leading them to a Super Bowl like he did with Terrell Davis in Super Bowls 32 and 33.The Broncos have the defense to win a championship as they proved two seasons ago while carrying Peyton’s big ass head to a Super Bowl. Now I’m not forgetting that the Broncos have CJ Anderson but who would you rather have AP or CJ?

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