New year, new injury: Is it time for David Wright to hang it up?

David Wright hasn’t been fully healthy since 2010, when he finished the season batting .283 with 29 homers and 103 runs batted in. Wright also hasn’t been able to produce numbers like those in quite some time and with another injury setback announced this morning, it may be time for the captain to start thinking about retirement. Spring training is currently underway and the regular season is going to begin in about a month, but New York should begin to adjust to life without Wright.

Wright has sustained at least one different injury each year since 2011, and Father Time clearly isn’t on his side at age 34. Dating back to his first DL stint in 2009 when a Matt Cain fastball may have put a dent in his skull, Wright has struggled to overcome a strained hamstring, fractured pinky, a rotator cuff contusion, spinal stenosis, and now a shoulder impingement.

This is no surprise to me yet it still hurts. Seeing my childhood hero unable to physically keep playing for the franchise he loves absolutely kills me. David Wright would never betray this team even after all those years of the Wilpon family being too cheap to surround their captain with a capable team and this is what he gets.

The saddest part of all is that Wright has been able to play in at least 100 games every year from 2005-2014. It was not until the Mets’ newly found success in 2015 and 2016 that Wright became crippled to the point where he couldn’t take the field anymore. The poor guy waited his entire career for this to happen and has to watch it all unfold from the dugout. And while I know that David is happy for the Mets, I know that he would much rather be out there helping them win.

Wright will always be the best Met I’ve ever seen no matter what he does with the rest of his career. If all goes well, hopefully he’ll be ready and on board for one last shot at this thing. Thinking back on the 2015 playoff run and the joy it brought to Wright is why this season is so important. The Captain might not have much left in him, but he’s willing to give whatever that may be to the Orange & Blue.

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