Good Riddance Revis! 

 In the wee hours of the night the Jets announced they released Revis. Over the last year  I was the biggest Revis apologist and I don’t know why. As he was getting burned by AJ Green and basically every receiver in the NFL I was telling people week in and week out he would snap out of it. In reality Revis just gave no effort last year and came into the season fat and slow and just didn’t care to play football. Now Revis in his early years with the Jets was AMAZING. We had a superstar that was ours and we didn’t want to let him go. He was already a Jets legend once 2010 hit. 

Then Revis wanted a new contract and the worst man in Jets history John Idzik traded him to Tampa Bay where he stayed for a year and kinda regressed a bit. He didn’t have spectacular numbers but he was still Revis. 

Now the Jets worst nightmare happended Bill Belichek signed Revis to a one year deal! Jets Nation then turned their back on this TRAITOR!!! As he goes on to win a fucking Super Bowl with the Evil Empire and rubbed it in the Jets face. The Jets the next offseason needed help at cornerback and guess who’s sitting there in free agency….. Darrelle Revis!!! 

 With the Jets check book wide open they go on to overpay the aging cornerback and the Jets fans ,including me, decide to welcome him back with open arms. Our superstar, our future Hall of Famer is back in green and white, that’s all we cared about Revis is coming home. Then it all came crashing down last season he stopped showing effort and signs of aging. It was time to make the cut. I’m so happy they did this Revis straight up robbed the Jets and I’m fed up with his shit. Revis Island is done in New York and all I can say Good Riddance!

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