Another One Bites the Dust as the Jets are Cleaning House

  Last night Brandon Marshall was the latest victim in this all out genocide of the Jets roster. Even Eric Decker is rumored of being cut soon by the Jets brass. After last season no one over 30 is safe from being cut and I absolutely love it. Mike Mcagnnann is out for blood to make this team younger in this rebuilding phase and I loved every move he’s made thus far. He’s clearing older players out and getting cap space at the same time. 


  He saved about another 7.5 million by releasing Marshall and he’s just getting started. Another Jet folk hero David Harris is expected to be cut along with Marcus Gilchrist. On top of that I’m thinking they trade away Sheldon Richardson for some type of compensation which can help the Jets grow. This free agency and draft is huge for the Jets which I feel like I say every year. As much as I know next season is gonna be a down year I’m excited about the future of this team and I have hope Magic Mike can finally build this franchise the right way. As former Sixers owner Sam Hinkie once said “Trust the process” and that’s what Jets fans need to do these next couple years. So fellow fans: Enjoy The Process. Love The Process. But most of all Trust The Process!

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