Nick Young apparently owes Lou Williams some money that he probably isn’t going to pay up

Lou Williams’ life got a whole lot better when he was traded to the Houston Rockets right before the trade deadline last week. He will no longer have to play for the rebuilding, 19-42 Los Angeles Lakers and can finally put his talent to good use. Lou Will is leading the league in scoring off the bench at 18.7 PPG and may be the frontrunner for 6th Man of the Year. All is good. The only problem for him right now is that former Lakers teammate Nick Young may owe him some money and by the looks of this Twitter exchange, Swaggy P is not paying up anytime soon.

Props to Lou Will just flying in out of nowhere and using the opportunity as friendly way to bring up the money he’s owed.

This is the exact reaction I would expect from a guy who doesn’t intend on paying his dues.

At this point I figured it was all a joke and expected Nick Young to say something funny but instead he hangs this 12-6 curve right in Lou Will’s face:

…So it was serious, and from what I understand Swaggy P thinks that his $5.4M annual salary is ‘lil money’ compared to Lou’s $7M so he shouldn’t have to pay up…

Once again, major props to Lou Will for not falling for the compliment and coming back with another somewhat serious response.

This was the last of the tweets other than a few that Young deleted. Luckily everything on the Internet gets screenshotted nowadays so you can see it here:

By the looks of it, Swaggy P definitely owes Williams some kind of money and is being a total shady scumbag about it. I’m sure Lou Williams will sleep just fine with or without the money, but it’s more than just the money on this one. Nick Young fleeced this man and thinks he’s off the hook because of a trade. The Lakers will be traveling to Houston in 13 days to face the Rockets, so we’ll be able to see how this plays out.

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