Warriors Cavs Part 3? Not So Fast

The NBA regular season is dwindling down to its last few weeks and the playoff teams are starting to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Before the start of the season and up to just about a week I would’ve said the Warriors and Cavs in the fianls for a third straight year is almost a lock to happen. If you listen to our podcast, “The Sci and Bass Sports Report featuring yours truly”, I am an NBA hater. This past week there wasn’t much on TV so I watched some NBA games. Wednesday nights Cavs Celtics game was one of the best regular season games I’ve watched in the last few years. It was a great back and forth game and had a spectacular atmosphere. The Celtics brought home the win and had me thinking, can they upset the Cavs in a seven game series in the playoffs. The other team I watched this week was the Warriors. I tuned into a little bit of the Warriors Wizards game and saw the Wizards win a game against the short handed Warriors. Kevin Durant was injured at the beginning of the game and is out for at least a month but nobody knows for sure how long he can actually miss. So if Durant is hurt for a long time can this team even come out of the West?


I’m rooting hard for a Celtics Cavs Eastern Conference Finals. After what I saw Wednesday night this could be an amazing series. I believe as of today the Celtics can upset the Cavs in the playoffs. They are the only team in the East I can see doing this. Isiah Thomas is having an MVP type season and should be a finalist for the award. He can go back and forth with Kyrie Irving and that will be must watch TV. Lebron is the greatest player in the World but a team like the Celtics have always giving him fits in the playoffs. Lebron will have to go up against one of the better defenders in the league Jae Crowder. Yes the Cavs will be getting healthier with the return of Kevin Love and J.R. Smith and have added some depth to the roster in Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, and Andrew Bogut. The Cavs are still the favorites in the East but the Celtics are very strong contenders. The Celtics are going to be a scary team for a long time and Lebron and the Cavs window might be closing as favorites to represent the East in the finals. So look out Cleveland this might be the best team in the East since Lebron returned to the Cavs.


Now on to the West. The more superior conference in everyone’s minds. Steph and the boys looked amazing as usually for the whole season up till this past week where things kind of hit a bumpy road. This past week we saw the Warriors lose 2 games in a row in the regular season for the first time in like 3 years. Steph Curry forgot how to make a 3 pointer and there new star Kevin Durant is out for a month maybe more. When the Warriors are healthy they are almost unstoppable as a team, but know with Durant injured can they even make it out of the West. Two teams come to my mind that I think can upset the Warriors in the playoffs. The Spurs are the first team. Popovich and the boys have been knocked out early in the playoffs the last two years and are looking to stop that. Kawhi Leonard is a very elite defender and I think can defend anyone on the Warriors and shut them down. Popovich is the best coach in the league and can definitely come with a plan in trying to beat the Warriors. Yet again the Spurs are having a great year and I’m sure everyone wants this playoff series to happen for the first between these two teams and the rosters they have. The second team is a new contender in the west. The Houston Rockets. They have played great under first year coach Mike D’Antoni. James Harden is amazing and can really hurt the Warriors in many ways. Patrick Beverly will annoy the shit out of Steph Curry like its his job. If the Rockets can shoot like they have all season in the playoffs and if they play the Warriors they can beat the Dubs with their own medicine. It’s been two years with the same teams now, why not root for a Celtics Spurs or Celtics Rockets finals. Either of those match ups will be very entertaining.

-Ryan Gorman


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