Adidas uses loophole to swindle John Ross out of his own personal island

John Ross did what many thought was impossible this afternoon when he unofficially broke Chris Johnson’s 4.24 40-yard dash record. While we are still waiting for NFL officials to confirm the new record, let’s not forget the promise that was made by Adidas to anyone who is able to beat Johnson’s 4.24: 

It’s not really a loophole now that I think about it since they made it pretty clear in the description, but fuck Adidas for this. The fact that someone was even able to run a 4.22 in the first place automatically makes them worthy of getting an island in my mind. Even CJ2K himself was impressed:

And notice how they only give you a $1M budget for the island. They just gave James Harden a $200M shoe deal and are only willing to cough up .5% of that to the guy who broke a seemingly-unbreakable record. And the worst part is he gets NOTHING just for wearing Nike cleats instead of Adidas. 

As you can see, John Ross will do just fine without that shitty island. He’ll probably be a first round draft pick now and if he winds up on the right team, he’ll be the next DeSean Jackson. Ross may be the third best WR in the draft right after Mike Williams and Corey Davis, so it’ll be interesting to see where he falls on draft night.

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