Adrian Peterson taking a pay cut to play for the Patriots would be an all-time unnecessary move

Adrian Peterson officially became a free agent about one week ago when the Minnesota Vikings declined his $18M option. And while he is still one of the best runners in the game at age 31, he is definitely not worth the kind of money that his contract demands. It’s already hard enough for NFL teams to field an entire roster while also meeting salary cap requirements and when those requirements are met, it usually does not work out in favor of their running back.

Running back is easily the most interchangeable position in all of football because you can literally stick any decent athlete in the backfield and they will likely move the ball forward for positive yards. There are too many free agents floating around who never got an opportunity when realistically many of these players would do just as good as the others if given the same amount of carries. These are the types of players who can join a team like the New England Patriots and go from being a nobody to a star overnight. Adrian Peterson is not one of these players.

Adrian Peterson needs to take his talents elsewhere and put them to good use. And while I do understand that winning a Super Bowl might be AP’s main concern, I don’t understand the fascination that players have with going to New England for that long-coveted ring. It will not mean much if Peterson winds up hoisting the Lombardi trophy in a Pats jersey. As far as I’m concerned, the Patriots were going to win anyway and Peterson just so happened to be there at the right time.

AP tore his ACL & MCL and healed in less than 8 months. He proceeded to win the league’s MVP while falling just nine yards short of Eric Dickerson’s single-season record. The man beat his kid with a stick and didn’t get banished from the league. He’s one of the most iconic athletes of our time and he’s also the last person who needs to join the New England Patriots. It’ll be interesting to see the kind of pay cut that would be required in order to make this happen, but for now I think it’s just a fantasy for Peterson and Patriots fans alike.


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