Ciara and Russell Wilson’s newest family portrait is rather uncomfortable to look at

Let me begin by making this clear: I am pro-Russell Wilson and will be until the day I die. Russ gets a ton of shit for being such a good guy that it becomes overbearing and kind of corny after a while. I get it. He’s like the real life Carlton Banks infused with Will Smith’s athleticism. Russell Wilson is everything you could ever ask for out of your franchise quarterback and I’m very thankful for that. The guy basically lives in the children’s hospital during his spare time and I think Aaron Hernandez will make his return to the NFL before Wilson is ever involved in any type of controversy or scandal.

HOWEVER- this portrait is just too fucking strange to me. I can’t even begin to imagine what Future’s immediate reaction was to seeing his butt-naked son clinging onto Ciara’s pregnant body while Russell Wilson’s arms pop out from behind like some sort of mutated human-octopus hybrid. We already know that Future isn’t too fond of Wilson, being that he’s an upstanding citizen AND a father-figure to his first born. He knows he can no longer force-feed Future Jr. baby bottles filled with promethazine because Russ is too busy teaching him manners and proper table etiquette. You can almost guarantee that this photo got deep under Future’s skin.

And can we all take a moment to acknowledge the size of Future Jr.?! The kid is basically just as big as Ciara and I’m pretty sure he’s only like 3 years old. His mother is holding him up above her shoulders and this boy’s feet are practically dangling above the ground. The only positive outcome from this photo being taken is that it may be enough to trigger Future into making more albums, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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