Circumspect Titans fan with low expectations got a pretty realistic predictive tattoo 

It seems like every year the Internet supplies us with a new variety of horrible tattoos drawn onto hopeful sports fans everywhere. For the record, I think that any sports-related tattoo is already kind of unnecessary to begin with but I can definitely understand getting a moderately sized logo of your lifelong favorite team at some point, but that’s absolutely it. Once you throw on any dates or championship insignia, it’s ruined. If you’re a true diehard, which you better be in this case, then a regular logo should suffice. Your team isn’t always going to be a championship team and marking them as one on your skin changes nothing. 

Today, the world laid eyes on the latest horrible predictive sports tattoo, courtesy of one unconfident Titans fan. I wouldn’t say he’s totally unconfident, as it takes a pretty big set of nuts to get a permanent tattoo that says your team will win their division seven months before the actual season begins. The reason why I say this is because we’re used to seeing absurd Super Bowl predictions from the morons who get these tats. This guy is almost as dumb as the others, but I’ll give him this: the Titans are on the rise and they play in the most winnable division in pro football. His claim isn’t exactly the hottest take I’ve heard all day, but it’s definitely a ballsy move to get a tattoo of said claim. 

And last time I checked, Marcus Mariota’s fibula was blown to smithereens on Christmas Eve and the Titans were still only an 8-7 team when he started in 2016. Despite this, I totally respect the idea of the Titans coming out of nowhere to win the division next year. The NFL changes so much on a yearly basis that this prediction is far from out of the question. The status Mariota’s health, the Titans’ use of their two first-round picks, and the rest of free agency should definitely give us a better idea on if this man should start sweating out his questionable decision.

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