The Rich Get Richer for Big Blue

Ex-Jets WR Brandon Marshall officially goes to the blue side of New York today by signing with the Giants for 2 years at $12 million. At first glance, I love this deal if I’m a Giants fan. This could be the best WR corps in the NFL with Odell, Marshall and Sterling Shepard. Then I started thinking about the Giants and their needs at other positions and this deal just doesn’t make sense, but also makes sense at the same time, if that makes sense. On one end the Giants have bigger needs than adding an aging WR to the roster but I can also see why loading up for what could be Eli’s final years makes sense. The Giants did have some good wideouts already like Tavarres King, who bursted out on the scene last season with Cruz being just a shell of his former self. That’s where the Giants confused me with this deal; they didn’t need another WR on the roster. Odell, Shepard, Roger Lewis and King would’ve been a pretty decent lineup on Sundays, and they could’ve added a running back and maybe even some new offensive linemen to help protect Eli. Obviously this isn’t the only deal the Giants will make during free agency, as free agency hasn’t even started yet. I don’t know what offensive linemen are available but Marshall wants a Super Bowl and the Giants could definitely give him that but it starts and ends with Eli, and protecting him is the key to  a championship.

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