Jimmy Garappolo posted a farewell message to Boston on Instagram…real or hoax?

Jimmy Garappolo dropped a bomb on NFL fans this morning around 4am when he posted a farewell message to all of New England on Instagram. This comes as a bit of a surprise, after most suitors for Garappolo seemed to fade any potential trades yesterday. The Cleveland Browns acquired Brock Osweiler via trade, the Chicago Bears signed Mike Glennon, and the San Francisco 49ers signed journeyman signal-caller Brian Hoyer, leaving the New York Jets and Houston Texans as two of the few teams looking of a quarterback. 

It is still rumored that the Browns are interested in acquiring as many draft picks as possible in an attempt to make a trade for Garappolo so maybe this post is a hint at what’s to come. But for now, it’s being called a hoax by Mike Riess of ESPN. Riess, Adam Schefter, and Josina Anderson have all concurred that the Patriots are fixed on keeping Garappolo around, with Tom Brady turning 40 this summer.

All of that makes sense, but if so then why would he post this? It’s still up there on his Instagram and until it’s taken down, I’m not sold on this being a hoax one bit. The next few days should give us some answers and clear things up. 

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