The Patriots Just Keep Running Up The Score

The Super Bowl champion Patriots have been the most active team in free agency thus far. They’re acquiring guys like their team is in desperate need of skilled and talented players. YOU HAVE TOM BRADY FOR FUCKSAKE!!!!! Even though they are coming off a Super Bowl victory, they signed CB Stephen Gilmore, S Duron Harmon and to put the cherry on top they traded for speedy Saints’ WR Brandin Cooks. Looking at all this, it’s safe to say the Patriots are gonna go back to back. They will at least make the Super Bowl again cause no one in the AFC is gonna beat them in a championship game in New England. I really have nothing else to say about this as I’m shocked and dumbfounded. This team is just blessed to win…. they are the only team that would be able to get a player like Cooks for 1st and a 3rd round picks. Everyone else would have to shell out the franchise for a player like him but nope not the Patriots. I’m gonna end this post with this “This is Bill Belichick’s world and we all just live in it.”

Now enjoy Bill kissing his daughter on the lips like the wierdo he is.tdy_tren_kiss_150203

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