Eddie Lacy can fill the void that Marshawn Lynch left in Seattle

Earlier this afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks and ex-Packers RB Eddie Lacy agreed to a 1-year deal worth $5.5M. Lacy was one of the many veteran backs being pursued by Seattle along with Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, and Latavius Murray. And although he was not my first choice, I still think this can be an effective move that is worth it’s while for Seattle. 

The Seahawks haven’t been the same since Marshawn Lynch’s retirement following the 2015 season. After riding Lynch to back to back Super Bowl appearances, Seattle was lucky enough to win just one playoff game in his final season against Minnesota, all thanks to Blair Walsh.

It would only get harder for the Seahawks going forward. Their 2016 season ended with a road loss to the NFC Super Bowl representatives for the second straight year. Lynch’s presence is what pushed Seattle past elite competition in previous years and it’s become pretty clear that Thomas Rawls isn’t durable enough to handle that kind of workload. 

This is where Eddie Lacy comes in. Unlike players like Jamaal Charles, Lacy has the strength and big body to carry the ball up the gut 25 times per game. I’m not saying he’s going to be the next Marshawn, but he could produce similar numbers if he’s on a good year. Pete Carroll said that he wants Lacy up around 240 pounds so assuming he doesn’t have a heart attack, brace yourselves for Beastmode 2.0. Since his rookie year in 2013, Lacy’s 2.15 yards per rush after first contact are the most in the NFL after Lynch himself at 2.20. As long as he can stay healthy and in-shape, Lacy is going to fit like a glove and take this team back to where they belong.

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