Matthew Fisher-Davis probably had money on Northwestern

Considering it was the only game on at the time, I’m pretty sure everyone in America just witnessed what could be the biggest bonehead play in the history of sports during the Vandy-NW game. With only 17 seconds left and his team up by 1, Commodores guard Matthew Fisher-Davis intentionally fouled Bryant McIntosh while Northwestern was in the bonus. Free points to give his team the lead during the round of 64. What in God’s name did I just witness. This stuff has to be rigged. Vanderbilt was in on this fix. Fisher-Davis had Northwestern +1 and was afraid of getting a push or potentially losing the entire bet outright if he didn’t take matters into his own hands. 

Northwestern was as cold as can be down the stretch and were on the verge of throwing away their first ever opportunity at winning an NCAA tournament game and they definitely would not have won it if it weren’t for Matthew Fisher-Davis and the worst decision in the history of mankind. The Commodores did have a chance to respond with a good amount of time left, but Riley LaChance held the ball and chucked up a moon shot three instead of making a half decent attempt at getting to the basket. Vanderbilt ultimately blueballed all of us today with such a fucked up conclusion to a really nice comeback.

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