Top 5 Freshest Jerseys from the Round of 64 

The second round of March Madness kicks off today after a pretty exciting Round of 64 concluded last night. Friday’s slate was a lot more intense than Thursday’s so it only makes sense that the games will get even better going forward. Some of these teams will be watching from home from now on while the others prepare for their next opponent. But if one thing is for sure, they all looked ready to play this weekend so let’s take a look at the top 5 freshest jerseys from the first round: 

5. Florida Gulf Coast

   Gotta love the blue/green combo, something we defintely do not see on a lot of jerseys nowadays. FGCU was almost able to replicate their March magic but ultimately fell short to the Seminoles.

4. VCU

Simple, sleek, predominantly black jerseys with a yellow border. VCU wasn’t able to escape St. Mary’s but they still looked fresher.

3. Middle Tennessee State

Definitely not the craziest jerseys by any means. But there’s something about these that catches my eye. Maybe it’s because the team that wears them was a super cool 15-seed winner last year or their pummeling of Pitino Jr. as a 12-seed this year. Either way, the Blue Raiders look good, feel good, and play good. They have a real test tonight against a strong Butler team with a Sweet 16 spot on the line.

2. UNC Wilmington

The UNC Wilmington Seahawks. Great name, even better jerseys. It’s safe to say these jerseys are one of a kind. Bright yellow with that shit-green color found on a Philadelphia Eagles jersey. UNCW managed to put up a great fight against Virginia but fell apart in the second half.

1. Notre Dame

I know it seems criminal to include these jerseys while leaving off other classics like UNC, Duke, and Kansas. But you are a liar if you tell me these jerseys aren’t as crisp as can be. All gold with bright green letters. The Fighting Irish almost blew what should’ve been an easy victory against Princeton, but did escape on to the next round. 

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