Ryan Gorman’s Weekly Movie Review: Kong Skull Island

I’m a big movie guy and each week from now on I will be giving you my thoughts on a movie that I have never seen before. I will hold nothing back in these reviews. They will be short and sweet because I know people don’t like reading long articles with lots of words. So here is my first movie review. This movie is Kong: Skull Island. I was really hyped to see this movie and it did not disappoint. It was just a flat out intense action movie. There was no long opening to the movie like the last King Kong movie. It didn’t take them an hour and half to finally get to the island to find Kong. This movie is the exact opposite. Shit just hits the fan fan 15 minutes into the movie. The special affects were crazy.

I had my concerns with the fact that Kong is gigantic in this movie but once I heard why they did it, I was fine with it. I won’t tell you why because it might spoil some things for you. There were some big time actors in this movie who do a real good job. I never thought Samuel L. Jackson could be such a douche in a movie but they found a way to do that. If you love fast paced action movies then this one is for you. I highly recommend seeing it in theaters because you get all the effects that come with it. Kong is a total beast in this movie and fights some of the more crazier creatures you will ever see.

There is not much wrong with this movie. It’s not like the last King Kong which was more of a drama so if you’re expecting that you’re not going to get it. My overall rating for this movie is a 7.9 and I’m a pretty tough grader to when it comes to movies, so take my advice on this one and go see it. If I couldn’t convince you yet, check out this trailer below:


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