Signing McCown Makes Zero Sense For The Jets!!!

I am officially done with the New York Jets after it was announced they signed Josh McCown!!! This signing makes no sense for the Jets that are constantly in a rebuilding phase, but they continue to sign old washed up QB’s. Next season is already a lost season and signing McCown isn’t going to help at all. It would’ve made more sense to let Hackenberg and Petty steer the ship since we still don’t know if they can play in the NFL. We already know what Josh McCown is, He’s a 37 year old QB who only has 2 wins as a starter for the Browns. What makes you think he can win more with the Jets who are basically just the Browns in green jersey’s!! I still can’t wrap my head around this move unless they plan on drafting a rookie QB like Watson or Trubisky in the first round, then use McCown as a back up. If that’s what the Jets plan on doing then I’m on board but having a 37 year old QB start for you makes no sense. If he’s the week one starter my prediction is he gets injured by week 4 then we finally get to see Hackenberg play and what he’s all about. I really just don’t know what else to say about this signing, I’m just flabbergasted by it. My head exploded when I saw it happened and I’m still getting over the news. This team is destined to be terrible year in and year out and as Jets fans we just have to accept we will never have a franchise QB.

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