The NBA needed Russell Westbrook to crack Steph Curry last night

Sports Illustrated – The Thunder and Warriors got in a bit of an altercation at the end of the first half of Monday’s game after Stephen Curry and Semaj Christon began pushing and shoving.

The incident occurred during a jump-ball and all 10 players on the floor joined the fracas, though the benches did not clear. After a video review, the officiating crew declined to hand out any flagrant fouls.

Although this scuffle only lasted about 30 seconds and did not result in any ejections, it was still one of the most exciting moments of the NBA season. That might not be saying much considering that this has been one of the most boring seasons to date but it does show us how interesting the game can become when some long built-up drama finally unfolds.

I wasn’t watching the game, simply because I haven’t checked an NBA score ever since March Madness began last Tuesday. But damn did I enjoy watching these two teams push and shove over a tiny bit of contact between Curry and some scrub on the Thunder. It’s such a great beef because that little bit of contact triggered the altercation we’ve all been waiting for. Russell Westbrook lunged at Curry like he was shot out of a cannon when he saw that baby-faced fuck get into with his teammate, who is obviously too irrelevant to stick up for himself. This is what the NBA NEEDS.

The thing that I love about this moment is that it seemed like Russ finally snapped. For a while it seemed like he would never crack. He was too cool and too focused on dropping triple doubles to get mixed in with a fight. No one was worth Russell Westbrook’s grief. He kept his composure after the first three losses to the KD Warriors. He kept his composure during All-Star Weekend playing alongside the Warriors’ Big 4. But snarky Steph Curry dropping a shade-filled comment on his MVP pick may have been the final straw for Russ. The scrum was broken up way before he could really get his hands on Steph, but if a fight did happen it probably would’ve ended with Chef Curry sleep on the OKC hardwood. Russ puts out Steph and NBA ratings are through the roof. Everyone wins.

The best part of the altercation had to be Klay Thompson jumping into the fight while screaming like an old woman watching two middle schoolers duke it out behind the mall parking lot.

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