Brook Lopez hit a sweet game winner and then shit on his brother Robin in the post game interview 

Brook Lopez gives no fucks. He’s always been twice the player Robin is and ever will be and he clearly isn’t very proud of being related to him. I wouldn’t be either. But this was still so cold, and so out of the blue from Brook. I don’t know if this was a response to a question or just out of spite, but you’d think he’d be in a good mood after making such a ridiculous shot for the win. Nope. He had to remind the rest of the world how much of a jerkoff his brother really is. 

All Robin did was take a couple of swings (and misses) and get Serge Ibaka so angry that it took multiple men to hold him back from murdering another human. Here’s a video of the fight between Robin and Ibaka:

Here’s a video of Brook’s game winner:

And here’s a video of Brook taking Ibaka over his big goof of a brother:

Make all the jokes you want, Brook. Just know that if Ibaka ever got a good hit on your brother he’d be forced to suck his meals through a straw for the rest of his life.

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