LeBron James probably wants to beat the piss out of LaVar Ball

ESPNLOS ANGELES — LeBron James directed a cease-and-desist order of sorts Tuesday to LaVar Ball, the outspoken father of three boys — including star UCLA freshman Lonzo Ball — who said earlier this month that his children are set up better for future success than those of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star.

“Keep my kids’ name out of your mouth, keep my family out of your mouth,” James told ESPN on Tuesday, as the Cavaliers practiced on UCLA’s campus, two days after a victory at the Lakers.

“This is dad to dad. It’s a problem now.”

Alright LaVar, the jig is up. You’ve taken it too far and in doing so you’ve blown your cover as the biggest troll on planet Earth. The only problem here is, I’m not sure if he’s trying to troll or if he’s completely serious. Either way, he triggered King James by saying the only thing that could’ve grabbed his attention: shots at his family.

At this point, only a mental-midget like LeBron James is going to be baited in by LaVar’s outrageous takes. LaVar has become so outspoken that I went from hating the guy to waiting on his very next move. Pure genius when you really think about it. Now all eyes are on LaVar and his boys, which is probably what he wanted all along.

Despite this, LeBron has every right to respond the way he did. He probably should’ve taken the high road and killed him with silence, as no response would’ve hurt LaVar’s disturbed mind more than any beatdown ever could. But LeBron is a man’s man and when you talk shit about a man’s man’s kids, you will probably get your ass kicked. Sorry LaVar, but no amount of banter can lead me to believe that you would win this fight. I know this guy probably thinks he can knock out Muhammad Ali in his prime, but he would stand no chance against the 250-pounds of pure muscle that is LeBron James. Fortunately for LaVar, LBJ is way too rich and too big of a role model to ever lay hands on anyone so he should be alright.

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