The Walking Dead Review

Here we are 14 episodes into the new season of The Walking Dead and so far it has been an above average season. From the very beginning of the season we see two of the more beloved characters get their heads bashed in by the big bad Negan. Glen and Abraham were definitely two of my favorite characters, so I was upset at first, but then loved the intensity their deaths brought to the show. After the season premier the show saw the debut of The Kingdom as well as The Sanctuary, we saw the saviors in action and a bunch of mediocre episodes until Carl decided to go try and kill Negan. The show has picked up in intensity since then with more death and a more interesting plot where we will finally get some action. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the season and look forward to the future of the show, but lets get to this weeks episode.

This week was an average episode that sets everything up for the remaining two episodes of the season. Overall it was interesting to see Sasha and Rosita bond over dating the same dead guy and to see Daryl interact with Maggie since Glenn died. Obviously Daryl feels responsible for the death of Glenn since he was the one to provoke it, but Maggie reassures him it wasn’t his fault. We get to see an internal struggle with Daryl that Maggie calms down by telling him how much Glenn thought of him. Just like Glenn everyone knows Daryl to be an outstanding person and one of the best characters on the show. As nice as it was too see Daryl and Maggie, we had to sit through Rosita and Sasha’s drama that ultimately led to the two opening up and respecting one another. I personally could’ve done without that whole part of the episode, although it wasn’t enough to make me dislike it. Being a fan since the very beginning, I have never liked episodes that don’t include Rick, but this was one of the few that pulled it off. Any time the saviors show up I always give full attention just to see what madness they bring. Simon is one of those characters you can’t stand but you enjoy on the show and I honestly love the way he commands Gregory making him look like a little bitch. If this episode did anything bad it was show too much jealousy and drama between Sasha and Rosita and confirm that Gregory and Eugene are the worst characters of all time. Overall I say this episode was a 7.5 but definitely makes the last two episodes more anticipated for me and makes me pray Eugene has a slow painful death.

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