Donald Trump will no longer throw out the first pitch at Nationals opening day

PoliticoPresident Donald Trump will not throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals opening day Monday, the team told reporters Tuesday.

POLITICO Playbook reported Tuesday morning that Trump was in talks to throw the first pitch as the Nationals take on the Miami Marlins in Washington. But the White House said Trump has a “scheduling conflict” that makes him unavailable, the Washington Examiner reported.

Every president since William Howard Taft in 1910, with the exception of Jimmy Carter, has thrown out a first pitch on opening day at some point during their presidency. President Barack Obama threw the first pitch at Nationals Park on opening day 2010.

Donnie Baseball? I guess not. Nothing really to see here other than Donald Trump and his second sports-related blunder of his short-lived presidency. Don’t want to fill out a March Madness bracket? I get that. Not everyone is a huge college basketball guy. It was only his first offense so he definitely gets a free pass on that one. But throwing out the first pitch at our nation’s capital on the opening day of a new baseball season is absolutely mandatory when you decide to become the leader of the free world. “Scheduling conflict” is basically the politically correct way of saying “I don’t want to come to your stupid fucking game.” I don’t know if Donnie truthfully wanted to make it to this game but odds are he didn’t. Serious President Donald is a total stick in the mud.

If Trump was a real American, he’d step up on that mound in his MAGA hat and fire a heater right down the pipe in the name of freedom. Being that he is 70 years old he may no longer be physically capable of throwing a strike but I still think it’s worth the old college try. William Howard Taft was a morbidly fat fuck who occasionally got trapped within the confines of his own bathtub and even he made sure to show face at the ballpark for his people every now and again. Jimmy Carter, being the huge jerkoff that he is, happens to be the only president since 1910 to never throw a first pitch at least once during his presidency. I’m clearly not a huge political guy and I do understand that Donald has a few years to get this done but if there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s follow in the footsteps of Jimmy fucking Carter. 


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