Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner are pretty disgusted about the NFL’s new rule changes

Fox Sports – The NFL makes adjustments to the game each season, and this year is no different. Teams voted on proposed rule changes Tuesday, ranging from players leaping over the line on field goal attempts to shortening overtime to 10 minutes.

The former was approved, meaning players can no longer jump over the line of scrimmage to block a field goal or extra point.

Teams also voted in favor of ejecting players automatically for egregious hits to the head of other players. This obviously coincides with the league’s movement to protect everyone on the field.

You know your league really sucks when the players refer to it as the ‘No Fun League’ more often than its actual name. This is definitely nothing new, as we’ve seen tons of backlash throughout the league over the years as a result of the NFL sucking so much dick. Kam Chancellor is just trying to play football, jump over some linemen, and maybe block a couple of kicks along the way. Simple stuff. But not anymore. For once, the NFL is expressing concern for player safety. Kam Chancellor can still legally blindside the fuck out of whoever he wants with the force of a tractor-trailer, but he is forbidden from attempting to jump over the line to block a field goal. There was a grand total of zero injuries that resulted from players attempting to do this last season, but let’s take that away and continue ignoring the fact that over 40% of your former players suffer from brain damage.

Bobby Wagner clearly has a gripe against the whole targeting concept so I understand why he’s all heated about the NFL adapting a similar policy. But at the same time, these are human beings and they have the right to not have their spine broken mid-game. But also at the same time, football is football and you are choosing to put your life at risk the moment you step foot onto the gridiron. All Bobby Wagner wants to do is Madden hit-stick other dudes without having to think twice about if it’s going to be legal or not. Pretty reasonable if you ask me.

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