Lucas Duda probably doesn’t want to take a picture with you

Lucas Duda is a weird guy. If you’ve ever seen the videos posted by Curtis Grandson on the popular Instagram page WeFollowLucasDuda, you know this is true. Today someone sent me a picture of Duda with a fan who approached him at a restaurant after the game on Monday and by the looks of it, Duda wanted absolutely no part of this situation: 

Lucas Duda coming in heavy with the type of facial expression that will discourage any other fans from pulling the same shit. He looks like he’d rather be dead than have that kid’s arm across his back. Want a picture with Lucas Duda? You can have one, just know that he’ll be sure to make you look like a huge dick for bothering a pro athlete during his dinner. The guy just belted a 3-run double to put the game away on opening day and was trying to enjoy his postgame meal. Of course no modern day ballplayer would ever be as ruthless as Keith Hernandez was in his prime and refuse to take a picture with a fan. So instead Duda decides to give the most uninterested stank face possible and reluctantly takes the picture. I don’t think you could look any more disgusted if you actually tried. Duda was clearly having a great day up until that moment and doesn’t care who knows it. 

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