There’s Nothing Like Opening Day in New York City!

On Sunday the baseball season finally got underway as the Yankees took on the Rays at Tropicana Field. That sentence in it’s self is shocking we should never have the MLB season opening up in Tampa. That game should’ve been played in the house that Lou Gehrig built. I say that because Babe Ruth wasn’t real and was propaganda to get Baseball started but that’s a discussion for a different day. The Yanks went on to get rocked and Tanaka looked like he should be sent back to Japan after that performance. Then yesterday my New York Mets took on the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field and won very convincingly but at the end of the day it’s the Braves. Now the feeling of opening day baseball is like nothing else in New York City. There’s a buzz in the city while your on your way to the ball park. People walking around wearing their teams cap proudly supporting either the Mets or the Yanks. You can hear the chatter of trash talking and people saying it’s finally our year as you board the trains going to the game. Then as you approach the stadium you can smell the hotdog’s being cooked on a fresh grill that’s been waiting all year for that day. You can hear the chants being belted out by the faithful fans that took off from work or skipped class to see their team play. Kids will remember that day for the rest of their lives because their dad took them out of school to watch America’s Game. Then when you first walk up to your seats and see that beautiful green grass for the first time in 6 months you start getting chills down the spine. It’s not like in St.Louis that brings out the Clydesdale’s and puts on a show for the fans before the game. In New York it’s a different feeling, it’s simple you go to the game throw some dogs on the grill, grab a beer and go watch your team play. It’s very simple but yet so god damn fun to do. While your doing it you feel the electricity in the air and that’s when you  know baseball is back in the Big Apple.

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