Carmelo Anthony continues to ruin everything for the Knicks 

The Knicks managed to take down the playoff-hopeful Chicago Bulls last night 100-91 behind Carmelo Anthony’s 23 points and 7 rebounds. This season ended before it really ever began for New York and even Carmelo knows his days here are numbered. Once Derrick Rose was deemed out for the season, it became clear that the Knicks needed to lose as many games as possible the rest of the way. Draft picks aside, the only positive aspect of a Knicks game this late during a lost season like this one would be experience for Kristaps Porzingis, the heart and soul of this disgrace of an organization. But Kristaps didn’t play in the game thanks to an injury and because of this I was a Bulls fan for the night. Take KP out of the picture and this team can go 0-82 for all I care. 

But, in typical New York Knicks fashion, the team that couldn’t win a game to save thier lives a few months ago easily took care of a team that’s currently fighting a playoff spot. Carmelo continues to make the Chicago Bulls his bitch and does what he does best. But it’s all for naught. Melo wasn’t doing this 4 months ago when they had a chance. He would dog it out night after night and continue to chuck while losing games. Now that he’s on his way out, expect nothing more than a stretch of hard-fought wins from now on. Because robbing the team wasn’t enough. 7 years of utter mediocrity other than a few half-decent playoff runs wasn’t enough. Zero Eastern Conference Final appearances wasn’t enough. Carmelo Anthony will beat this dead horse of an organization into the ground until he is no longer able to. I’ve never wished an injury on anyone before, but do us all a favor and tear your ACL next game, Melo. We don’t want you. The day he finally leaves is the day that this team can begin heading in the direction. All I can say is good riddance.

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