If you bet on the Knicks +12.5 last night you should never throw in another wager as long as you live 

Bad beats. They happen all the time and will probably leave you feeling like a worthless, hopeless degenerate. I’ve experienced more than my fair share of bad beats over the years but very few ended quite like this.

Wade Baldwin IV is a 14% 3-point shooter. That is a disgustingly low percentage. He initially looked like he was going to run the clock out like any decent human being would but instead pulls up from the parking lot with one second remaining and absolutely snipes it in the name of the backdoor cover.

First things first, never bet on the NBA. You’ll never know when the players are going to come to play, or completely dog it out on any given night. Second, never bet on big spreads. You mean to tell me the team I picked can be up 10+ the entire game yet I’m still sweating down to the final buzzer?! No way. Picking winners is hard enough in its own right and the last thing I need to worry about is my team trying to cover an invisible number that they may or may not be aware of. All of this considered, it’s something I’d never see myself getting involved in, especially this late in the season. But it’s still an extremely bad beat nonetheless. If you were all in on the Knicks +12.5 last night you should probably just avoid betting for the rest of your life.

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