Group Sports Network has officially merged under Eastbound Sports

Here we are, just about three months removed from the very day that Group Sports Network was born. Our main goal from the beginning was to get our sports takes and opinions out on some type of media platform and hopefully bring in some sort of a following along the way. It hasn’t been the smoothest ride so far but we are definitely starting to get the hang of things while continually generating new content each week.

The hardest part of doing this whole thing is probably finding time in between our daily routines and obligations to keep posting frequently. Between the few of us who post for GSN, there simply isn’t as much content as we’d like to post and because of this, we’ve decided to officially merge under Eastbound Sports. We believe this move is only going to benefit both sides and take things up a notch. Eastbound will now be offering some new opinions and personalities as well as hosting the podcast: The Sci and Bass Sports Report with Ryan Gorman on Eastbound Sports Radio. For the guys at GSN, we’ll be given the opportunity to get our thoughts out onto a bigger spectrum and hopefully build up sizable followings for not only ourselves, but the Eastbound Sports brand as a whole.

For now, this will probably be the final post on as we adjust to the Eastbound life and begin the next chapter. We won’t be going anywhere and you can still check out any new blogs from Sci, Bass, or Gorman over at as well as new episodes of the podcast every Monday as usual.

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