If you bet on the Knicks +12.5 last night you should never throw in another wager as long as you live 

https://twitter.com/gsntweets/status/850727962496442369 Bad beats. They happen all the time and will probably leave you feeling like a worthless, hopeless degenerate. I've experienced more than my fair share of bad beats over the years but very few ended quite like this. Wade Baldwin IV is a 14% 3-point shooter. That is a disgustingly low percentage. He initially... Continue Reading →

Someone accidentally leaked the Orlando Magic’s entire offseason plans and their GM is saying it’s not a big deal

ESPN - Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan downplayed a photo Monday night that appeared to show confidential lists of the team's free-agent and trade priorities in a tweet posted by the agent of newly signed guard Patricio Garino. Hennigan told the Sentinel the lists on the board were "not indicative of plans" and were "simply listing... Continue Reading →

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